1 day Learning Workshop

Objective: To develop skills and techniques which will allow participants to manage their time effectively, maximize their strengths and overcome key challenges to achieve a far higher degree of success in the workplace.  This is an uplifting workshop that will give participants a positive focus in addition to key techniques and skills. 
Target Audience: All IT Professionals will benefit from this session.


• Establishing and Achieving Key Goals
• Maximizing Your Strengths
• Overcoming Your Most Difficult Challenges

• Eliminating Time Wasters
• Identifying and Seizing Opportunities
• Remaining Positive in Tough Situations

Class Size is Limited to 16 People. Early Registration is Encouraged

Self-Leadership Featured Topics

Establishing and Achieving Key Goals
• Distinguishing Between Critical and Trivial
• Visibility for Your Goals
• The Power of the “Rule of Five”
• Defining and Taking Productive Action
• Accountability Partners

Eliminating Time Wasters
• Moving Past Procrastination
• Email – Keeping it Short and Effective
• The “Five Day Test”
• Your Destructive Habits
• “Long Talkers”

Your Personal Support Team
• “Empathizer”
• “Mr./Ms. Positivity”
• “Voice of Reality”
• “Igniter”
• Your Best Role for Helping Others

Your Maximum Potential
• Your “Ace in the Hole”
• Understanding Your Most Valuable Skills
• Aligning Your Abilities with Company Needs
• Uncovering Opportunities to Use Your Skills
• Fostering a Great Relationship with Your Boss

Selling Your Ideas

• Selling with Sincerity
• What’s in it for THEM?
• Discovering Shared Interests
• Personal Confidence

Your Most Difficult Challenges

• The Power of Belief
• Past Track Record of Success
• Breaking it into Manageable Pieces
• Enlisting Help

Remaining Positive in Tough Situations
• The Importance of Positive Thinking
• The Power of Perspective
• Your Personal Uplift Triggers / How to Use Them

Where Shared Experiences Maximize Performance