Presentation Skills for IT Professionals - ( 1 day Learning Workshop )

To develop skills and build confidence in making presentations that result in the clear and effective delivery of ideas to small and medium sized groups. Frequent Participant Exercises.
Target Audience:
Managers, project leaders, analysts, and any other individual responsible for making presentations.

• Eliminating Fear, Building Confidence
• Creating/Maintaining Interest
• Effective Q&A Sessions

• Achieving Desired Audience Results
• Proper Use of Visual Aids
• Identifying/Maximizing Your Strengths
What Participants have said about Presentation Skills for IT Professionals:
“You could see people become more comfortable each time they got up to speak.” – Allstate
“I used the techniques I learned at the session in my presentation at work and received a lot of compliments on how I performed.” – Joint Commission
“I can immediately use all the things I learned.” – Anixter
Presentation Skills for IT Professionals Featured Topics

Building Confidence
• Methods to Combat the “Fear Factor”
• Developing a Successful Routine
• Positive Expectations
• Preparing for Success

Holding Interest
• Voice Inflection
• Body Movement
• Enthusiasm – A Critical Factor
• Getting to the Point

Knowing your Audience
• Who Are You Targeting?
• Determining the Level of Presentation
• Attitude of the Audience
• Circumstances Surrounding the Presentation
• Effectively Tailoring Your Presentation

Effectively Handling Questions
• YOU Control the Q&A Session
• When You Don’t Know the Answer
• Anticipating Potential Questions
• Keeping Your Composure
• Referencing Other Resources

Proper Structure
• Identifying Key Points
• The Importance of the Start and Finish
• Repetition of Key Elements
• Logical Thought Progression

Achieving Success
• Setting Your Goals
• Visualizing Success
• Effective Practice
• Constructive Feedback



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