Influencing without Authority- ( 2 day Learning Workshop )

To demonstrate to workshop participants how to accomplish their goals without having to rely on positional power.  The use of personal power is explained, taught and reinforced throughout the session.
Target Audience: 
Any professional who must obtain the cooperation of other individuals, not under their direct organizational control, in order to complete a task, objective, or project.
• Manipulation vs. Influence
• Creating a Collaborative Relationship
• The 7 Laws of Influence
• Aligning Your Goals
• Levels of Persuasion
• Working with Your Boss
The Instructor – Dennis Ricupero
Dennis brings over 20 years of experience in Information Technology to the classroom.  Among his many accomplishments, he served as the Director of Systems Development for the Merchandise Services division of American Express and also held the position of Manager of Strategic Planning at Avon Products.  Dennis creates outstanding rapport with the participants in his programs and invariably receives the highest marks possible in student critiques.
What Participants have said about Dennis Ricupero
“Dennis is one of the most effective instructors I have ever seen.” – Kraft Foods

“Dennis is an enthusiastic, high energy instructor who explains the materials clearly.” – BlueCross / BlueShield

“Dennis was excellent.  He drove home the points with the real world examples he provided.” – Walgreens

“Amazing instructor!   Recommend for any IT professional.   Very useful.”  – Northern Trust

Day One

  Day Two
Understanding Influence
• Manipulation v. Influence – Discussion and Exercise
• Gauging Current Success in Influencing
• Understanding the Person You Wish to Influence
• Addressing Influence Gaps
  Influence with Your Boss
• Understanding Your Boss’s Style
• Key Do’s and Don’ts
• Working Effectively with Your Boss
• Self – Assessment
• Resolving Issues with Your Boss
• Keeping the Boss Informed
• Addressing Work Overload Issues
#1 Source of Influence: Alignment of Needs
• Understanding Your Influence Partner’s Needs
• The 4 Levels of Persuasion and their Power Sources
• Creating a Needs Map – Discussion and Exercise
• Identifying Overlap, Opportunity and Opposition
• Using the “5 P” Analysis Successfully
Understanding Organizational Realities
• Official / Unofficial Org Charts
• Understanding the “Unwritten Rules”
• Dealing with Organizational Resistance
• The Power of Networking
• Raising Concerns - Professionally
• Limiting Risk to the Organization
Building Your Influence “Bank Account”
• The “Banking Model” for Influence
• Deposits and Withdrawals to the Account
• When Influence is Lost
• Sweet Sixteen Ways to Build Trust
• Phrases that Will Build Influence
• The “4 A’s” of Reconciliation
• Repairing Broken Relationships
The Magnificent Seven Laws of Influence
• Law of Internal Consistency
• Law of Expectations
• Law of Scarcity
• Law of Contrast
• Law of Obligation
• Law of Involvement
• Law of Esteem
  Putting It All Together
• Suggested Additional Reading
• Using the Reminder Cards
• Your Personal Action Plan
• Cultivating an Influencing Partner


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