Finance & Accounting for IT Professionals ( 2 day Learning Workshop )

To provide IT Professionals with an understanding of key principles in accounting, financial management, budgeting, and project analysis.
Target Audience:
IT Professionals who want a better understanding of important financial principles.

• Project Justification
• Budgeting Principles  
• Break Even Point

• Interpreting Financial Statements
• Present and Future Value
• Understanding Accounting Terminology

( Note – This course features SEVERAL CASE STUDIES that allow participants to apply these principles immediately. The case studies are based solely on IT examples.
Class Requirement – A calculator with the exponential function on it. )

What Participants have said about Finance & Accounting for IT Professionals:
“I enjoyed the mix of lecture, exercises, examples, and team participation.” – Cardinal Health
“I came in with very limited accounting knowledge / not the full picture. Now I see the whole picture.” – College of American Pathologists
“I learned a lot of things I didn’t know – which is always a positive.” – TTX
“This program covered a broad range of topics with an appropriate level of depth. The class moved at a good clip which kept my interest.” – Office Max
Finance & Accounting for IT Professionals Featured Topics

Understanding Financial Statements
• Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Statement of Net Worth
• Break-Even Analysis

Project Justification
• Determining the True Benefit
• Convincing the Decision Maker
• Project Costs
• Impacts of Time

• Categories of Expenses
• Managing Your Budget
• Fixed / Variable IT Expenses Appraisa
• The True Expense of Turnover

Present and Future Value Analysis
• How to Use the Information
• Calculating Present Value
• Calculating Future Value
• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Keys to Successful Financial Analysis
• Trend Analysis
• Working Capital
• Current Ratio

• Current Assets
• Fixed Assets
• Intangible Assets
Finance and Accounting for IT Professionals is SPECIFICALLY TAILORED for those involved in, or working with, Information Technology. All of the examples and case studies are based on situations that are commonly encountered by those in IT.
This course features extensive hands-on case studies of Budgeting and Project Justification scenarios. Working through these examples will GREATLY help participants when they face these same issues on the job.

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