Essential Skills for Managers & Supervisors



Provide managers and supervisors with the skills necessary to manage and grow their employees and help them be productive and actively engaged in their work.


  • Use the on-line DiSC Profile to understand your behavioral tendencies, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Communicate professionally
  • Develop strong working relationships
  • Manage employee performance to the benefit of the employee and company
  • Nurture team work
  • Develop employee skills and interests

Essential Skills for Managers & Supervisors Featured Topics:

Understand personal style and how it effects working relationships

  • Understand your personal style
  • Interact effectively with people who have different styles

Communicate effectively

  • Listen actively
  • Build trust and rapport

Manage employee performance

  • Understand factors effecting employee performance
  • Help employee set goals and establish accountability

Delegate Effectively

  • Understand the benefits of delegation
  • Chose projects to delegate
  • Apply a five–step delegation process

Develop teams

  • Understand the five challenges to team development
  • Create strategies for building teams


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