Developing Compelling Self-Confidence - ( 1 day Learning Workshop )

To build personal confidence that will positively impact performance in all areas.
Target Audience:
This workshop applies to everyone! Confidence is critical to the success of any professional.

• A Winning Attitude
• Understanding Your Strengths
• Releasing the Past

• Eliminating Excuses
• Overcoming Obstacles
• The Laser Focus of Success
“This program opened my eyes on how to be a better, more confident worker and person.” – Exelon
“This program taught me how to keep / maintain a positive attitude, which will improve any situation.” – Cardinal Health
“Great information and techniques to help me feel better about myself and the situations I face everyday.” – PACE

Developing Compelling Self-Confidence Featured Topics

Winning Attitude
• Impact of Attitudee
• Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
• Focusing on the Positive
• Your Personal Attitude Boosters

Your Personal Associations
• Analysis of Current Friends/Coworkers
• The Powerful Influence of Others
• Cultivating Your True Supporters

Eliminating Excuses
• Common Excuses
• Refusing to Accept the Why Nots
• The Power of the First Step
• An Action Orientation

Releasing the Past
• Past Does Not Determine Future
• Confronting Your Failures/Regrets
• Learning From Your Experiences
• Unloading the Baggage

Overcoming Obstacles
• Value of Persistence
• Maintaining Belief Through Adversity
• Using Mistakes to Trigger Success
• Seeing the Big Picture

Laser Focus of Success
• Defining Goals
• The 80/20 Rule
• Eliminating Time Wasters
• Identifying Your Biggest ROI Producers

The Language of Success
• The Impact of Words
• Destructive Words/Phrases
• Creating a Positive Vocabulary
• The Incredible Power of Questions

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