Dealing with Change - (1 day Learning Workshop)

To develop habits and skills that result in more effectively adapting to a changing business environment.  To help participants quickly identify opportunities in dynamic environments. 
Target Audience:
All IT professionals need to understand how to cope with change and maximize opportunities in dynamic environments. 

• The Challenge of Change
• Effective Stress Relief  
• Resistance and How to Overcome It

• Remaining Positive and Empowered
• Identifying and Maximizing Opportunities
• The Necessity of Change
The Instructor – Rob Bussell
Rob is Omicron’s Director of Member Programs.  His main focus is developing training sessions that meet the specific needs of Omicron’s Member Organizations.  Prior to Omicron, he served as the Manager of Instructional Staff at Terasys, Inc.  Rob has been a featured speaker at a wide variety of events, including industry conferences, banquets, and graduations.  His extensive background in broadcast journalism and Information Technology has given him the opportunity to present information to audiences in a wide variety of situations. 

What Participants have said about Rob Bussell:

“Rob is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor.  He leads by example with his speaking skills.” – Kraft Foods

“Rob kept all attendees involved and provided an interesting, informative presentation.” – Office Max

“Rob is an excellent teacher.  He has a very upbeat and genuinely positive attitude that made the class very enjoyable.” – TTX

Dealing with Change - Featured Topics

The Challenge of Change
• Sobering Statistics
• Communication Breakdowns
• Well-Publicized Failures
• Lack of Support for Change

Importance of Attitude
• Impact of Attitude
• Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
• Focusing on the Positive

The Necessity of Change
• Competitive Pressures
• Benefits of Change
• IT’s Role as a Catalyst for Change

Identifying Opportunities
• Understanding Your Strengths
• New Roles & Responsibilities
• Growth Opportunities
• Partnering with Change Leaders
Causes of Resistance
• The Fear Factor
• Consistent Follow-Through
• Honesty
• Personal Loss of Control / Power
Reducing Stress
• Defining Your Circle of Influence
• Personal Stress Reduction Plan
• Useful Stress Relief Techniques
Taking Action
• Building Positive Rapport
 The Importance of Face to Face Contact
• Helping Others
Empowering Yourself and Others
• Fostering Teamwork
• Developing an Internal Support System
• Providing a Positive Example

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