Communication Skills for IT Professionals - (1 day Learning Workshop)

To develop habits and skills that result in the effective exchange of information and ideas.
Target Audience:
Any IT professional who depends on accurately understanding others and effectively conveying their own ideas.

• Active Listening
• Positively Influencing Others
• Avoiding Misunderstandings

• Tailoring Your Message
• Eliminating Barriers to Communication
• Building Trust
What Participants have said about Communication Skills for IT Professionals:
“Provided me with immediate takeaways to improve my communications.”
– Insurance Auto Auctions
“I started out nervous and ended up confident!” – Office Max
“It was much more than I expected and really helped.” – Kraft Foods
“It went into more detail than I thought it would and it exceeded my expectations.”– Tellabs

Communication Skills for IT Professionals Featured Topics

Active Listening
• Maintaining Focus
• Eliminating Distractions
• Mirroring Techniques
• The Power of Listening

Importance of Attitude
• Impact of Attitude
• Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
• Focusing on the Positive

Beyond Words
• Body Language
• Tone of Voice
• Reading Expressions

Avoiding Misunderstandings
• Paraphrasing
• Asking the Right Questions
• The Power of Repetition
• Providing Clarification

Building Trust
• Taking Personal Responsibility
• Consistent Follow-Through
• Honesty

Positively Influencing Others
• Identifying Why They Should Care
• Tailoring Your Message
• Understanding the Desired Outcome Breaking Through the “Wall of Formality”

Breaking Through the “Wall of Formality”
• Building Positive Rapport
• The Importance of Face to Face Contact
• Helping Others

Barriers to Effective Communication
• Technospeak / Jargon
• Misconceptions
• Physical Distance

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