Productive Meetings in Half the Time for IT Leaders
- (ITED 1 day Learning Workshop)

give participants a number of powerful techniques and strategies to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of their meetings
Target Audience: Anyone responsible for planning, facilitating and/or participating in meetings that actually produce positive results! 

• Eliminating Time Wasters
• Who to Invite and Why  
• Interpersonal Dynamics

• Fostering Full, Productive Participation
• Defining Action and Follow-Through
• Fantastic Facilitation

Class Size is Limited to 16 People.  Early Registration is Encouraged


Coaching for High Performance Featured Topics

The Sad State of Meetings at Most Companies
• Sobering Statistics
• A Ritual v. an Opportunity
• Employee Attitudes Regarding Meetings
• Common Maladies

Producing Positive Action
• Not Just Words – Actions!
• Single Point of Responsibility
• Specifically Defined Actions

Proper Planning = Success
• Effective Agendas
• Defining Your Goal(s)
• Key Conversations BEFORE the Meeting

Fostering Full Participation
• Encouraging Ideas / Opinions
• Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
• Conflict – A Necessary Ingredient
• Maximizing Shy/Reluctant Individuals

Fantastic Facilitation
• Your Attitude / Enthusiasm
• Techniques to Generate the Ideal Start
• Controlling the Proceedings
• Managing the Interpersonal Dynamics

Building In Improvement for Meetings
• Feedback Process
• Periodic “Meeting Reviews”
• Learning from Others

Who to Invite / Not Invite
• Factors to Consider
• Building Credibility
• The “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves”

After the Meeting
• Follow-Up
• Minutes that Make a Difference
• Accountability for Tasks


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