Networking/Marketing/Selling (One-Day ITED Program)

  To develop skills and techniques which will allow participants to build and enhance their relationships with other key individuals and groups in their company.  These relationships will empower participants to sell their ideas and market IT more effectively.


Target Audience:  All IT Professionals will benefit from this session – it is critical to interact more effectively with people throughout the business and build awareness of IT’s value. 


Focus:                 Building Credibility                                                                      Reaching the Power Players

                              Your Personal Internal Network                                                Selling Your Ideas

                              Marketing the Value of IT                                                             Asking for Help


What Previous Participants have said about Networking, Marketing and Selling:

“It changed my perspective and view of business relationships.  I now recognize the importance and am encouraged to make the effort.” – Exelon


“I learned a lot of wonderful ways to build effective relationships with the people I work with.  The interaction between everyone made for a wonderful learning experience.” – Anixter


“Everything was great!  I got very good information on how to sell my ideas more effectively.”

 Blue Cross of IL


Building Effective Business Relationships

Featured Topics


Building Credibility                                                                                              Reaching the Power Players

            Determining Your “C” Level                                                                              Impact of Key Individuals

            The Crucial Nature of Credibility                                                                       Importance of High Level Support

            Building a Positive Track Record                                                                      Determining What’s In It for Them

            Avoiding “Credibility Busters”                                                                        Convincing Them to Meet You

            Taking Ownership of Mistakes                                                                           Cultivating a Mentor


Repairing Poor Relationships                                                                           Your Value to Others

            Understanding Their View                                                                                   Identifying Their Needs

            Taking Ownership                                                                                                  Understanding Your Unique Skills

            Importance of Face to Face Communication                                                     What You Have to Offer

            Setting Future Expectations                                                                                Looking for Opportunities to Help

            Inheriting Another Person’s Mess                                                                    Overlooked, Easy Ways to Assist


Selling Your Ideas                                                                                                  Marketing the Value of  IT

            What’s in it for THEM?                                                                                        Measuring the Right Things

            Alignment of IT and Business                                                                             Building Awareness of Value

            Their Ownership Stake in the Solution                                                            Cultivating Key Champions

            Rehearsing with a “Grill Session”                                                                    Your “Elevator Speech”


Asking for Help                                                                                                       Cultivating Support

            The “Lone Ranger Syndrome”                                                                            Natural Supporters

            How to Ask                                                                                                              Utilizing Influencers

            Methods to Increase the Likelihood of a “Yes”                                            Overcoming a Strong Opponent

            Keeping it Specific

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