Leading and Managing Change (One-Day ITED Program)


To develop the skills necessary to effectively promote productive change in the business environment. This includes identifying sources of resistance, overcoming these obstacles and presenting a clear, compelling message that motivates people into positive action. 
Target Audience:
All IT managers and team leaders will benefit greatly from this program.

• The Challenge of Change
• Overcoming Resistance
• The Necessity of Change

• Key Sources of Resistance

• Presenting a Clear, Effective Message
• Motivating Your People to Take Action

What Participants have said about The Art of Leadership -
“We took the concepts from this workshop and immediately applied them to successfully lead an important change initiative.  The material works!” – Grant Thornton
“I never realized the true reasons why people resist change.  I am now much better equipped to overcome these challenges.” – Follett
“The models presented in this workshop are extremely valuable and can be used right away.” – S&C Electric

Leading and Managing Change Featured Topics

The Challenge of Change
• Sobering Statistics
• Key Reasons Change Initiatives Fail
• Ineffective Communication
• Failure to Involve those Impacted

Causes of Resistance
• The Fear Factor
• Personal Loss of Control/Power
• Lack of Buy-In
• Past History of Failures

Overcoming Resistance
• Fostering Open/Honest Discussion
• WIIFT – What’s In It For THEM
• One on One and Group Interaction
• Clear, Effective, Consistent Communication
• Alleviating Fear by Focusing on Action

Presenting an Effective Message
• Reality is Better than Rumor!

Utilizing Multiple Communication Channels
• Clarity is Critical!
• Your Personal Level of Commitment

Kotter’s Eight Steps to Effective Change
• Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail
• Ownership is a Must
• The Guiding Coalition
• Instilling the Change in the Organizational Culture

A Change LEADER – Not Manager
• Set a Sterling Example
• Your Passion / Commitment

• Clear the Path for the Success of Your People
• Managing the Politics Successfully





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