Coaching for High Performance (One-Day ITED Program)

To learn techniques to guide and motivate employees to attain higher levels of performance.
Target Audience:
All IT managers and team leaders will benefit greatly from this program.

• Setting Clear Expectations
• Coaching Styles and Techniques
• Keys to Retaining Employees

• Top Performers v. Problem Employees

• Constructive Feedback that Works
• Creating a Positive Environment

What Participants have said about The Art of Leadership -
“I am much more confident now to provide meaningful insight to my people.” – Insurance Auto Auctions
“Dennis is one of the most effective instructors I have ever seen.  The concepts can be used immediately to produce results.” – Rust-Oleum
“The quality of my performance reviews has risen dramatically as the result of the concepts in this workshop.” – Anixter

Coaching for High Performance Featured Topics

Effective Coaches
• Coaching Self-Evaluation
• Fixed on Results while giving Ownership of Role
• Key Mistakes Managers Make
• Characteristics of Effective Coaches

Setting Expectations
• Specific, Measurable Goals
• The Impact of Frequent Milestones
• Clarity of Expectations
• Effective Methods for Accountability

The Self-Revealing Coach
• Using Feedback and Disclosure
• Building Credibility
• Identifying and Communicating Your Values
• The Importance of Passion to Effective Coaching
• Understanding and Maximizing Your Strengths

The Ongoing Process of Feedback
• Feedback v. Criticism

• Balance in Feedback
• Focus on Behavior v. The Person
• The Importance of a DIALOGUE

Forming an Exceptional Team
• Team Member Strengths – How to Use Them
• Team Identity
• Activities for Productive Team Building
• Rewarding the RIGHT Behaviors

Retaining Productive Employees
• Money is NOT the Only Solution
• Creative Solutions

• Their Needs v. Your Needs
• You CAN Make the Difference!





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