The Art of Leadership (Two-Day ITED Program)

To provide participants with the tools and techniques to distinguish themselves as leaders in their organizations.
Target Audience:
Anyone interested in significantly enhancing their leadership abilities.

• Leadership Traits
• Energizing Individuals and Teams
• Building Confidence as a Leader

• Focusing Team Effort

• Creating a Clear Vision
• Influencing Others

What Participants have said about The Art of Leadership:
“This session greatly enhanced my ability to lead others.” – Follett
“Dennis did a fantastic job of bringing the concepts to life with relevant stories and examples.  I gained a

 lot of great insight from this workshop!” – S&C Electric
“I was able to immediately apply to concepts to enhance the performance of my people.” – Anixter

The Art of Leadership Featured Topics

Leadership Defined
• The Difference between Managing and Leading
• Personal Power v. Positional Power
• Being a Leader Regardless of Role
• Influencing Others to Greater Performance

Motivating Teams
• Setting High Expectations
• Establishing a Culture of Success
• Rewarding the RIGHT Behaviors
• Creating Team Pride

Establishing Yourself as Leader
• Self-Appraisal
• The 8 Laws of Leadership
• Building Your Board of Directors
• Boosting Your Self-Confidence
• Understanding and Maximizing Your Strengths

Driving for Results
• Direct and Indirect Influence Models
• Giving Others Ownership of their Roles
• 9 Step Brainstorming Method
• Four Step Decision Making Model

Creating a Clear Vision
• The Starting Point of Leadership
• Cementing Your Own Certainty
• Communicating the Vision
• Empowering Others to Act on the Vision

Motivating Individuals
• Determining a Person’s TRUE Motivation
• Rewarding Appropriately
• Their Needs v. Your Needs
• Building Enthusiasm





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