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Business Savvy and Professional Etiquette (1/2 Day)

You call it Politics? We call it Common Business Sense that helps you succeed in your career!

Most IT Professionals find the corporate business community to be alien territory.  Like all areas that are unfamiliar, with training IT Professionals can become effective partners to their business peers.  This workshop is designed to give IT Professionals the skills and insights to business perspectives that can enable IT Professionals to achieve new levels of effectiveness in their interactions with business managers and peers.



- Read the book “Are YOU Relevant?” By Ross Schafer(Each Participant will Receive a Copy)
- Each person will pick a situation at work that they believe has “political” issues.
- This will lead to a session on “What is Professional Etiquette?”

What do Politics mean to you?                         
    • How you act
    • How you look
    • Right time, right place
    • What are you “known as?”
    • What’s your reputation?  Who views you as creditable.
    • What have you accomplished?
    • Are you a volunteer for assignments/more responsibility?
    • Or do you “shy away from where the action is?”
    • Why do you think some people are “The Favorites?”
    • How important do you think this all is? 
    • How about based on your position? Does it matter?
    • What people say isn’t what people really think.  You have to chart your path and not worry about the general public – or your “friends/buddies”.
Each person will identify their situation and figure out how they will address the situation “ short term and in the long term”?   (Do you stay where you are? Or do you have to start fresh?)
- Groups of 4 will be formed to discuss each situation as a group.  Each person will address the team describing their situation and ask the team for advice.  Each of participant should now have a tangible set of actions to apply to their situation.

During the last segment of this workshop –

  • Discussion of the book:  “Are YOU Relevant??”
    • How do you stay relevant?
    • How do we now prepare for the remainder of the ITBP Program?
    • Partnerships – you have to have them to succeed
    • Negotiations – how to get to “win-win”
    • Executive communication style and importance (Showing your relevance)
    • Key “takeaways” from the book for each person.
What is “relevant” to your situation at work and at home?

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