IT Executive Development
IT Business Professional
IT Business Professional (ITBP) is a Program designed to strengthen the Business Skills of IT Personal who are responsible for Business Systems and IT Functions that engage in significant interaction with Business Functions, Customers and Vendors.
The Program involves 6 core Workshop Days** delivered over a 6 month time frame featuring instructors who are career IT Professionals and are proven best of class workshop instructors and facilitators.  The workshops will be augmented by 2 half day pragmatic Executive exchanges led by a current IT CIO/Executive and a Business President who was a former CIO.
Each Participant will do a comprehensive personal assessment (different assessment than ITED) that will provide a basis for two one on one coaching sessions.
Workshops Include:  The following workshops are exclusive to this Program (5 days required for Graduation). Every effort should be made to attend both ½ day Special Events, Opening and the Graduation Luncheon as well.
 Program opening-1/2 day    **Self Leadership-1 day

 Business Savvy & Workplace Politics-1/2 days

 **Keys to Business Communications and
     Building Relationships with Business Leaders-1 day
 **Dealing with Difficult People-1 day

 **Negotiation and Conflict Resolution-1 day

 **Risk Assessment and Management-1 day
 **Internal Consulting Skills-1 day
 Executive Level IT Performance  Reporting/
 Electives - 1/2 day
Closing Graduation Luncheon & Recognition Plaque
ITBP participation $3995 - Member Rate $3495
Obviously this will also be an opportunity to go through this set of workshops with a same group of Managers sharing issues from the experiences they have within many different companies.
ELECTIVES: To accommodate scheduling conflicts, previously attended workshops or address special needs.
 • Time Management
 • Presentation Skills
 • Corporate Accounting/
    Finance and Project Accounting  
 • Communications         

• Communications
Emotional IQ & Management Techniques
• Writing Skills
Coaching and Counselling
Essential Skills for Managers/Supervisors
This program will be limited to 20 participants to insure a high degree of individual attention and participation. The program will be an annual offering to our clients, allowing a consistent learning experience that can be counted on for participants over a series of years.
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